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Iraq is home to prized art and literature which have always thrived in Iraq. The nation of Iraq produced one of the greatest Arab poets of all time: Abu Al Tayeb Al Mutanbi of the Abbasid Period.

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any

  • 2 Scanned recent colour photograph. (Photo Specification);

  • Visa Application form: completed and signed

  • Personal Covering letter: explaining purpose of travel to the country

  • Business Covering Letter: from Indian company on company letterhead.

  • Approval Letter: from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraq. One copy to be faxed directly to the Embassy & one copy to be submitted for visa application.

  • Official Invitation Letter: from host company stating the nature of the business, expected duration of the visit as well as the name and address of the company or institution you are visiting.

  • Original Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 3 months with bank seal

  • Income Tax Returns/Form 16: for last 3 years

  • Air tickets: proof of return flight tickets from and back to your home country

  • Hotel reservation: proof of accommodation for your entire stay

  • Medical Certificate: with minimum coverage of EUR 30000 and valid for entire duration of stay

1. If Employed:

  • Leave Sanctioned Certificate: with company seal providing approval for leave

  • Salary Slips: of last 3 months

2.If Self Employed:

  • Business Proof: Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed

  • Company Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 6 months with bank seal

  • Company’s Income Tax Returns: of last 3 years

3. If Retired:

  • Retirement Proof: pension book, statement etc

4. If Student

  • ID Card: from school, college or institute

5. If Minor

  • Birth Certificate showing the names of both parents

  • Legalized Letter of Consent (NOC)

  • If the child is travelling with one parent, the letter of consent authorizing travel must be legalized by the other parent

  • If the child is travelling alone or without either parent, a notarized letter of consent from both parents permitting travel

  • Death Certificate: in case one or both parents are deceased

  • ID Proof: of parents

6. If Visiting friend or relative

  • Invitation letter: stating the relationship with the inviter and purpose of visiting the country & assuring the responsibility for housing and related expenses during the guest's stay in Algeria

  • ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit

  • Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill

7. If Sponsored

  • Sponsorship Letter: providing the name of the visitors, what the purpose of the visit is, relationship with the visitors, length of stay, dates of travel & any other additional information if necessary

  • ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit

  • Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill

  • Proof of Financial Support: updated bank statement, pay slips

8. For Business Visa

Introduction/ recommendation letter from:

  • One of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries, government of India;

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India;

  • Export Promotion Council of India; or Reference number from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan.

Registration certificate of the company from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India:

  • Income tax documents of the last three years;

  • Letter from the company addressed to the embassy, introducing the business man for visa issuance;

  • Invitation letter from the local partner or prospect local partner company in Afghanistan;

  • Copy of the license (JAWAZ) of the local partner or prospect local partner company in Afghanistan.

*Note: The Embassy/Consul General has the right to ask for additional information or documents and request a personal interview with the applicant.

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